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HOTCHPOTCH Quick Easy Crochet Gifts eBook

"The time has come to talk of many things:"   of hats for men - and mittens - of scarves, slippers - and flower and heart things...

Yes, yes, yes... in response to many requests.... I have finally managed to put together an eBook and I have included patterns which have been the most popular and favourited to-date.  This eBook includes six (6) crochet garments and two (2) crochet motifs.  

HOTCHPOTCH Quick Easy Crochet Gifts eBook has a selection of hats for men, mittens for men and women, unisex mobius scarf and slippers, along with a simple flower and heart motif for embellishing your creations.

These crochet patterns were designed with a focus on simple and quick ways to achieve a unique crochet garment.  Each one of these patterns has been a huge hit with buyers, with comments like:

Love the fact that these work up quick. So cute...
Great hat pattern!! I made it for my husband and he loves it. Easy to understand and thick & comfortable...
Gorgeous love hearts....great pattern & instructions. 
Your "Sweet Dude" pattern is awesome!

So the question I have for you - Which one will you make first?

Just in case you are wondering, yes I have made all of these as gifts for Christmas and birthday gift giving. There is nothing like a hand made gift which is personal and unique, especially for the person receiving the gift.  So I invite you to give it a try, you have at your disposal in this eBook, eight (8) patterns, six (6) garments and two (2) motifs.  Just imagine the variety of gifts you can make, each gift will be unique, just by using different colours and different yarns, and loads of fun to make too!

This is a great deal - you receive eight (8) patterns with a total value of £13.00.  
The price of the HOTCHPOTCH eBook is £8.50.  
A total saving of £4.50.

HOTCHPOTCH eBook has a total of 25 pages.

Here's a preview:

First nine (9) pages include Cover page, copyright page, welcome page, table of contents, 
and Things you Need to Know - 
Skill Level, USA/UK Hook sizes, guidelines,
yarn weights, yarn substitutes, care instructions,
special stitches, USA abbreviations.
Fifteen (15) pages of patterns, and closing page.


Choose the perfect pattern,
the perfect colour and the perfect yarn...
and make a special gift
for a special individual...

Give the gift of HAND MADE
Eight (8) "simply perfect" crochet patterns for QUICK and EASY CROCHET GIFT GIVING

DUDE Man Hat
SHADOW Scarf Mobius
COUNTRY Man Mittens
SHELLS Mittens for Her

SKILL LEVEL:   Easy to Intermediate  (not for beginners)
This eBook written in USA - AMERICAN crochet terms.

also available from

ciao, ciao!

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Imagine cold misty mornings in spring and walking along the seafront or through the woodland... This hat gives you just enough protection against the damp cool air, without being too wintry warm.

A perfect hat for the man or men in your life... and I think it is also good enough for the woman or women in your life as well... my darling and I have one each... and I just love it!  It's just the right amount of head cover when out walking in the early morning or late afternoon when the "wind chill factor" can still make you feel a bit chilly.... and I know what that can be like because we do a LOT of walking.


I just love the yarn I found for this hat, it's Rowan Creative Linen, 50% Cotton 50% Linen, with just the right thickness, without being too bulky.

I first made the hat in an older Debbie Bliss yarn I found in my stash (85% cotton and 15% cashmere) see the photo to the left I am wearing the trial hat.  However, this yarn is no longer available, like many lovely yarns it is now discontinued, so I had to find a replacement, also it was a bit too soft and girly for my man!

The Rowan Creative Linen yarn has been absolutely perfect for this man hat.  It comes in 100g hanks and is 200m (219yds) in length and with 3 hanks I have been able to make two hats and have enough for a third. Absolutely fabulous.

Check out the Rowan colours for this yarn there is a lovely selection of 20 colours.

I'm in two minds about whether to make another hat or use the remainder of the yarn for a cowl?  I have more of the grey left and think it would be perfect as a lovely mobius (inifinity) cowl, which I could also use on my walks.  Time will tell.... would definitely need to get another hank.

So if you are a keen walker or rambler or wayfarer.... then this is the perfect hat for you and your man... give it a try, you won't be disappointed.  Some pattern details are listed below.


DIFFICULTY:  Intermediate
SIZES:  Four (4) sizes - Adult S/M/L/XL
YARN USED:  Rowan Creative Linen  ● 50% Cotton 50% Linen ● 100g 200m (219yd) ● 3 colours
HOOK:  G-6 (4mm)

You need to know how to:  crochet in the round; colour change; front post double crochet (UK raised treble crochet).

UK British and USA American Crochet Terms


from these online stores:

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Latest Pattern RAMBLER Hat Headband Cowl

Spring is in the air

Spring is here and the sun is shining and temperatures are getting warmer, I am so excited!

A week ago on Sunday, we walked the Chilham Circular (approx 10 miles) starting and finishing at Chilham, Kent, UK.  It was a fabulous day with loads of sunshine, a fresh breeze blowing reminding us it is still only March, and the temperature rose from 11C in the morning to 17C in the afternoon.

We thoroughly enjoyed  walking the woodlands, Yew forests, the Kentish Downs, upland and downland fields, panoramic views, bluebell woods (not blooming yet) and passed through the Godmersham Park estate.  What a fabulous walk, we will definitely go back and do it again when all the leaves are on the trees.

It's all this lovely spring weather walking which is guiding my crochet projects at the moment.

Spring crochet 

I have loads of crochet hats for winter walks and desperately need spring time hats, something to keep my head warm and keep the wind out of my ears, especially when the fresh breeze carries with it a "wind chill factor", and not a hat made with wool or alpaca, but a lighter weight cotton or bamboo yarn.

Ta-dah! the little Rambler hat headband cowl was created using a lovely 80% bamboo 20% wool yarn from Sirdar called "Smiley Stripes".  At first I wasn't too sure about the orange but when the lovely pattern started to emerge with each row, I was loving it.

I can wear it to keep my head warm, or open up the end and double it over for a headband and ear warmer, or slip it down and wear it around my neck, just lovely.  Rambler is similar in style to my first hat/headband/cowl which I made in autumn 2012 on our Scottish highlands trip (see this post) a totally different pattern, whereas this spring design is super easy and quick to make.

Here's my first SPRING design for 2014

RAMBLER Hat Headband Cowl

See below for the pattern details and instructions


A simple crochet hat, headband, cowl, for spring/autumn weather walking.

SKILL:  Easy
YARN:  Sirdar Snuggly Smiley Stripes DK - 80% Bamboo 20% Wool - 2 x 50g/95m/103yd
SUBSTITUTE YARN:   any other similar DK yarn
HOOK:  G/6 (4mm)
MEASUREMENTS:  Circumference 20in (50.8cm) , Height 8in (20.3cm)
TENSION/GAUGE:  20sts x 20 rows to 4in; in pattern stitch.

PATTERN NOTES:  The tension/gauge is only a guideline, it is not critical to this pattern.  As long as your circumference is big enough to fit your head, and the height is long enough for the hat to cover your head and ears, that is all you need to achieve here.

ABBREVIATIONS:  USA (American) Crochet Terms
ch = chain, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet, st = stitch

Row 1:  Ch41, sc in back bump 2nd ch from hook, sc in back bump of each ch to end. Turn. (40sts)
Row 2:  Ch1, sc in back loop of each st to end. Turn.
Row 3-91:  Repeat Row 2.
Row 92:  Repeat Row 2, do not fasten off, continue with join, as follows:
Joining row 
Row 93:  Join last row to first row, sc into back loop only of each st to end.  Do not turn, do not fasten off, continue to crochet the drawstring edge.
Drawstring Edge
Rnd 94:  Ch2, dc in end of each row, join.  (92dc)  Fasten off.

Make a Drawstring
Leave a 3-4in tail, Ch120, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc to end.  Cut yarn leaving a 3-4in tail.
Thread your tails into a yarn needle and feed the drawstring 2dc at a time round the drawstring round.
Hide ends into the drawstring, pull on the drawstring to minimize the hole, tie a knot close to hold secure, tie another knot at end, to hold drawstring ends together.

To Wear the Hat, Headband, Cowl:

  • Wear the hat with the drawstring tightened, option to roll up brim.
  • Wear the headband by releasing the knot closest to drawstring round, and fold in half.
  • Wear the cowl by releasing the knot closest to drawstring round, and fold over one third.

Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue and Favorites

LET ME KNOW how you go with this pattern and please share your creations.  I am always happy to help if you have any questions in regards to the pattern.

ciao, ciao!

© 2008-2014 Barbara Summers Hand Knit and Crochet. All rights reserved. This pattern and items made from this pattern are for personal use only, and may not be distributed or sold without written consent.